OTOKOD MANAGECASH (automated cash management; Jan 2020): proofread and re-wrote the company's website text promoting their automated cash management system, MANAGECASH, which automates paperless cash handling by ATMs, armored cars, and retail sales, among others.

ADVANCED MONITORED CAREGIVING HEALTH (telehealth; October 2011 to present): writing the company's first runbook in its nine year existence, documenting all hardware, software, processes, etc.

CITIGROUP CREDIT DERIVATIVES DEVELOPMENT (June 2006 to April 2008): helped create the disaster recovery process for the main trading system, Global Credit Derivatives Repository, and wrote the disaster recovery document. Wrote the final draft of the document GCDR Production Support. Wrote the user's guide for the web applications front end for the GCDR database used by derivatives traders, and turned it into an HTML web help page. For the replacement web application, Marx, wrote the UAT (ITE) guide and participated in integrated testing of the site, and did the same for the trader interface which posts trading spreads and closes for credit derivatives. Helped coordinate world-wide user testing. Helped design and conduct the Marx Post-Implementation Review with the traders. Designed the template for and wrote release notes for Marx changes. Rewrote and edited the Marx Production Support document, in the process analyzing the Unix batch scripts and the cron file for possible errors. With development wrote the release implementation document for Marx and for the trading system, Storm. Supported traders from New York to Hong Kong by phone, email and in person. Writing sample:

SIAC AMEX PRODUCTION OPERATIONAL STRATEGY (April 2005 to June 2006): strategic initiatives and incident management team. Collaborated on the Change Management,Incident Escalation and Problem Management documents, and created all the pictorial representations of the process flow. Administrator (co-administrator) for the Production web site, and helped determine its content and construction. Assisted in the re-design of the data center control room, regrouping monitoring stations for easier viewing and supervision.SIAC Writing Samples SIAC AMEX Writing Samples

SIAC NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE OPERATIONS (January 2003 to December 2004): wrote the overall requirements document for Operations' acceptance of new software, including software for UNIX, NextGen, NonStop and other systems (document versions 1.00 through 1.06). Wrote the specific Operations requirements documents for TradeWorks versions 1.1 and 1.2, the new IBM-based floor broker support system that uses NextGen, J2EE, Websphere and DB2 (system described at Wrote the requirements document for monitoring that system and documented failure-recovery scenarios for that system. Wrote the Operations' reference manual for the major web-based market information system OpenBook. Served as database administrator for a web-based document repository, DocDepot, and wrote the user's and administrator's guides for that system. Edited the discussions among Development, Operations and QA to create a document of proposals to senior management and the NYSE for faster software time to market. Using Remedy's Action Request system, tracked open defects in new TradeWorks releases in spreadsheets for Operations and Development separately. Served as scribe to a committee of all the Operations senior managing directors and was the scribe at many other meetings, including those planning ITIL training and BSM implementation. Created or assisted with innumerable PowerPoint presentations for senior management.
Recommendation: Jerry Hait   Writing samples: SIAC Writing Samples  SIAC NYSE Writing Samples 

SIAC AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE MARKET DATA DEVELOPMENT (January 2000 to October 2002): wrote the documentation for ATPIII, the new (HPUX11-based) data processing system, which uses Versant object-oriented databases to compute and publish the results of all equity and options trades and quotes for every United States exchange. Wrote the release documents for every new version of the software (40 implemented to date). Tracked all program changes and their associated files in an Excel spreadsheet linked to the documentation. Assisted in designing the installation and fallforward procedures for new releases in a multi-sited environment. Rewrote the Operations procedures when necessary.This is the earth.  Nothing will happen if you click here, because it already belongs to Microsoft.

Wrote the security document detailing implications of the installation of the new ATP III system.

Documented the changes required in changing from fractional to decimal formats and quotes with size. Documented the changes in switching from an object-oriented database to using flat files to store all end-of-day information.

Documented and checked all specifications for the in-house messages used to correct errors, add products, adjust for dividends, etc., and in some cases did the initial message design.

Occasionally assisted with product testing of new releases and new systems.

Wrote the user's manual for the Operations GUI interface for ATP III (UNIX-based) and for the Administrative Interface (Windows-based), and turned these documents into interactive Windows help (.hlp) files.

Wrote and edited the functional requirements specifications (FRS) for AMEX trading of Nasdaq stocks under Unlisted Trading Privileges. Wrote the the FRS, including the business rules, for Stock Futures for ATP III, and helped write and edit them for EMDS, XDS, XTOPS, etc.

Documented the legacy system, Options Market Data Systems (Stratus-based), which accepts input option trade and quote messages in a variety of formats from X.25 and IP communications terminals on the floor of the AMEX and sends output to the National Market System. Helped document the replacement system OPRA GATEWAY which processes options data via Talarian subscription-publish protocols. Documented the new system, MDDX, which accepts quotes and trades directly from member brokerage houses and sends them to the AMEX floor.

Documented the UNIX-based SIMULATOR software which sends simulated market traffic to the ATP III processor for system testing.

Kept track of all discrepancy reports for ATPIII and followed up to make sure they were being corrected, and wrote the corrections reports.

Took verbatim minutes for many technical meetings, including one series of 5 days of 7-hour meetings about the implementation of the ANTE system; edited and published them to the participants, usually on the same day.

Migrated release documents into DOORS (object-oriented requirement tracking software).

SIAC AMEX PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: designed the template for the release notes used by every SIAC AMEX development group, and helped design the SIAC AMEX functional requirements template and the technical requirements template.

Wrote the FRS for the web-based Hearing Panel Tracking System, including the business rules and legal requirements, for the process which tracks the appeals of companies that have been delisted from the AMEX (system used by NASD, being recreated for the AMEX).

Assisted in planning the software development process for SIAC AMEX. Taught a class on PMBOK principles.

Turned a Visio drawing showing how all AMEX systems are connected (by Buck and Margulies) into a web page on which by clicking on any system the user was taken to a description of that system and a directory of relevant documents.

WORD, EXCEL, VISIO, EXCEED, DOORS, EASYHELP (similar to Robohelp), PROJECT, LOTUS NOTES, UNIX, Pierce Technology. Recommendations: Peter Morales Robert Stauffer  Writing samples: 
SIAC Writing Samples SIAC AMEX Writing Samples

PFIZER PHARMACEUTICALS GROUP: writer for the team that documented organization and processes for the Pfizer integration of national and international teams, Stromberg Consulting (1999). Pfizer

BOWNE & CO. Customer Service Assistant Training: requested by the client as writer to update Facilitator's and Participant's Guides for the Distribution training module, Stromberg Consulting (1999).
Click here for writing sample:

HEARST MAGAZINES The MIC System: wrote the computer documentation for users (also used for training) for the proprietary accounting system which runs as a web page under IE, used to track and pay invoices for Manuscripts, Illustrations and Covers, Knowledge Transfer International (1999). Click here for writing sample: Hearst

RELIANCE NATIONAL INSURANCE Underwriter Training: created the form and content for Facilitatorís Guides from the Participantís Guides for the introduction to the WINS system and the modules on booking Workerís Compensation and other policies, under the supervision of Patricia Pansulla and Anthony Grimaldi for Knowledge Transfer International (1998, 1999).

BOWNE & CO. Customer Service Assistant Training: wrote and desktop-published the Facilitatorís and Participantís Guides for the Level I training modules Composition and Distribution for Stromberg Consulting (1998).
Click here for writing sample:

BOWNE & CO. Customer Service Representative Training: wrote the Facilitator's Guides for the Level II training modules Composition and EDGAR, Stromberg Consulting (1998).

CT ADVANTAGE: ONLINE WEB SITE DOCUMENTATION: wrote the documentation for the Web site for internal sales and service providers under the supervision of Robert Myrstad (1998).  Click here: CT

UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS MANUAL FOR SYSTEMATIC RECRUITING, VOLUME V: PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT GUIDE FOR DISTRICT RECRUITING: edited, rewrote and desktop-published Volume V (about 1000 pages), reducing it overall by about 30%, and converted the final edit from WordPerfect to AmiPro or Word Pro (1996-97).  Click here: 
PFIZER DECISION MAKING: wrote the module on PROBLEM ANALYSIS for Pfizer Corporate Headquarters, New York, under the supervision of Anne Higgins, Learning International, Stamford (1995).  Click here: 

PFIZER SUPERVISOR'S GUIDE: wrote the guide for laboratory supervisors for Pfizer Central Research under the supervision of Anne Higgins, L. I. (1995).

AT&T INFORMATION SERVICES EDUCATIONAL DIVISION: The Tektronix 834: Wrote and taught the basic and advanced 3-day course on using the Tektronix 834, an interactive data communications test device, under the supervision of Robert Myrstad. The course covered 5 to 8-level codes and protocols BISYNC, SDLC, and SNA (1983).

ROERIG-PFIZER: Computer Training Course: Wrote and taught a two-day computer training course for Pfizer sales personnel, supervised by Robert Myrstad (1984).

ACADEMIC: Faculty of NYU Dramatic Writing Program 1989-2013. Literary manager of The Juilliard School Drama Division, 1981-1992.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, MIT, 1962, 1963. Master of Fine Arts, playwriting, Columbia University, 1971.

LANGUAGES: French, some German and enough HTML to create these pages and all their contents, graphics, frames and links.

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