Adding and Linking a Vendor: Procedures

Figure 9: Vendor Search Criteria

    Adding a Vendor

   1. Click on the hyperlink Vendors to get to the Vendor Search Criteria screen shown above (Figure 9).

   2. For practice only: enter YOUR OWN NAME in the search fields, or any other name you like. Then either click on SEARCH or press ENTER.

 Since you're not a Vendor, the system displays the screen below:

   3. Navigate your way back to the Vendor Search Criteria screen, unless you're already there.

 You can click on BACK or on the hyperlink Vendors.

   4. Click on    to get to the Vendor Add screen shown below (Figure 10).

Figure 10: Vendor Add Screen

   5. Enter the Vendor in this screen.

 You can use the vendor information from the invoice on page 10 or you can make up any vendor information you like. For what belongs in a field, see the section on page 16, the Vendor Add screen.


   6. When you are finished, click on SAVE.

 You get back a screen that has your information in it and looks the same except that in the bottom left there is new information: the new Vendor isn't linked to any titles.


Figure 11: Vendor Edit Screen showing new information

 You have to link this Vendor to your title. Continued on next page.

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