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Peter J. Morales
November 7, 2002

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Deloss Brown.

This is a personal letter of recommendation for Mr. Deloss Brown who I had the pleasure of working with while I was the Development Director for the implementation of a large object oriented system for the American Stock Exchange at the Securities Industry Automation Corporation.

Deloss was selected from a candidate pool of 12 final candidates around January of 2000. He was the principal implementer of all documentation and training artifacts for the system. His efforts were instrumental in the successful deployment of the system.

Deloss was hired as the project was already in progress and was able to produce his first artifact (a Functional Requirements Specification for Proprietary Message Formats) within the first week of his tenure. This was a high visibility project in a normally high stress environment. Deloss showed extreme tact and diplomacy in working with fellow team members, senior management and customers. He always went the extra mile in ensuring that critical deliverables were produced in a timely manner.

Deloss has shown a unique ability to develop information at a wide range of detail and abstraction. He developed all project documentation from analysis and design documents, to operating procedures and installation guides. Much of the operational procedures, installation guides and fault tolerance fallback guidelines were entirely written by him.

His duties expanded to other projects and to the development of universal standards for the rest of the organization. These artifacts were very well received and resulted in the definition of a broad set of standards based on his work. Deloss helped pilot and implement some new technologies in the department including a requirements management system (DOORS - Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System) and Web based documentation.

It was my pleasure to work with a professional and extremely capable individual such as Deloss.



Peter J. Morales

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