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December 21, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Deloss Brown

Deloss Brown worked for me for a period of over one and half years in the capacity of Technical Writer. In truth and fact, he was much more.

I am Managing Director for Operations Planning at the Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC). One of my responsibilities is the establishment of requirements and standards for our development teams in order to transition an application to operations. Deloss was hired specifically to write the requirements in the accepted format. In truth he performed as a requirements engineer, developer, operations manager and sage, sharing his experience in software development and operations.

He provided much insight and expert analyses in all the technical documentation he produced. He was prolific as well. His ability to multi-task and bring several products to completion simultaneously is astounding. He can take meeting minutes in real time and was utilized as a scribe for many of the important meetings that took place in the division outside of his normal responsibilities.

Deloss was a key ingredient in the success of the department. He welcomes challenges and does his utmost to improve on everything he touches. He is witty, a workaholic, and dedicated to whatever task is assigned. Deloss is the consummate professional technical writer. His work was of the finest caliber.

If economic circumstances change, I would have no problem hiring Deloss back to continue his excellent work in the department. I wish him well in all his future endeavors.


Jerry Hait
Managing Director, Operations Planning
Securities Industry Automation Corporation
SIAC, NYSE/NMS Operations

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