Shakespeare and Chekhov Scene Study

W. Shakespeare     A. P. Chekhov, drawn by Joseph Brutsman

In July and August I will be teaching a scene-study class concentrating on scenes by Shakespeare and Chekhov. Other scenes aren't ruled out, but let's face it, Shakespeare and Chekhov are famous, generally admired, and in the public domain. I also am moderately familiar with both writers, having directed eight of Shakespeare's plays and two of Chekhov's (and translated the latter, too).

Projected dates:

Saturdays 10AM-2PM:

July 16
July 23
July 30

Aug 6
Aug 13
Aug 20

Suggested Chekhov scenes: here.

For how much this would cost, see RATES.

The drawing of Chekhov is by Joseph Brutsman, who did it for Jack Stehlin's production of UNCLE VANYA which I directed. KEVIN SPACEY played Serebryakov, as I never tire of telling people. Of course I've also directed THREE SISTERS, and that translation was also done at Passaic Community College.

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A. P. Chekhov, drawn by Joseph Brutsman