RPH QEQRP[ (Three Sisters)
@. O. WEUNB*

The Prozorov sisters, their husbands, friends and boyfriends.  Protopopov was late.  Mouse over the picture to get the actor's name, but below is a clumsy attempt to idenitfy them. Standing:

On the left:                                                                                 On the right:
Leslie Body (Fedotik)                                        James Ward (Tuzenbach, in the straw hat)
Greta Boeringer (Anfisa)                                                       Jeremy Johnson (Chebutykin)
Vito Zarrillo (Solyony)                                                               Cara Halstead (The Maid)
Rhett Rossi (Roday)                                                                       Tyree Giroux (Andrey)
Mark Lang (Vershinin)                                                                     Jim Haines (Ferapont)
R. G. Rader (Kuligin)

Seated, left to right, the four sisters:

Barbara Reierson (Olga)                                                                        Shari Berman (Irina)
Mary Huner (Masha)                                                                     Jackie Herbach (Natasha)
Translated by Deloss Brown
Set and light design by Geoffrey Sherman
Costume design by Karin Beatty, assisted by Jenny Gamil
Stage managers: Desi Fischer, Lonnie Goertz
Speech consultant: Donna Germain            Russian speech: Olga V. Timofeyevna
Press representation: Scotti Rhodes
Produced at the Sanford Meisner Theatre by Shari Berman, Jackie Herbach
and Cressid Theater Company

*If you had a Cyrillic font on your computer, this text would say "THREE SISTERS by A. P. Chekhov." Back to the top.

Deloss Brown's Résumé.          Jacqueline Herbach's Résumé     Mary Huner's Résumé     Table of contents.     Scene Study.


Jeremy Johnson (Chebutykin) James Ward (Tuzenbach) Jacqueline Herbach (Natasha)--click! Shari Berman (Irina) R. G. Rader (Kuligin) Mary Huner (Masha)--click! Barbara Reierson (Olga) Mark Lang (Vershinin) Rhett Rossi (Roday) Vito Zarrillo (Solyony) Leslie Body (Fedotik) Greta Boeringer (Anfisa) Cara Halstead (The Maid) Tyree Giroux (Andrey) Jim Haines (Ferapont)