Class Rates

Oh, this is tedious and difficult and I haven't gotten it right in 25 years.

For the monologue classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, the rate is $25 /class x 8 = $200.00

You may pay me by the class.

Private Coaching Rates

I will coach you privately for the modest sum of $25/hour. No, this really isn't exorbitant. But I would rather make the price something that people can afford than be passed by.

If you are in my class and want a private session, the rate is the rate for the monologue class which at the moment is $25/hour.

Psychiatrists define an hour as 50 minutes. An "hour" session with me lasts about an hour and 20 minutes, or until the student falls over from fatigue. It takes that long to get real work accomplished.

Since nobody should pay for a pig in a poke, if you want to coach with me, you have to come and meet me first in a free 45-minute (approximately) working session. If, after that meeting, you think I'm helpful, you can set up the next session, for which you'll have to pay the $25. The third session also costs $25. After that the rate stays at $25 until the end of time.

If you coach with me for an audition, no matter how many sessions we have, I will want to see you--for free--at the last instant before the audition, night before or day of, if possible. This is to make sure that I have not inadvertently said something that put you on the wrong track.

If you are already a student of mine, the rates will stay the same as what you have been paying. Call or write me if this isn't sufficiently confusing.

(212) 865-1127

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