Class Rates

Oh, this is tedious and difficult and I haven't gotten it right in 25 years.

For this cycle: the monologue classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, the rate is $50 /class x 8 = $400.00

You may pay me in one lump sum of $400 (gasp!) or in two installments of $200 each. If you need a special payment plan, explain it to me. We may be able to work something out. If you have to cancel after enrolling, you can get a refund.

But this doesn't apply to individual class absences. The book-keeping alone would drive me crazy.

The rates for former students will stay the same.

Private Coaching Rates

I will coach you privately for the modest sum of $75/session. I know that for actors, this is a lot of money.

I'm not a psychiatrist or a taxi. A private session with me lasts as long as it takes for us both to be satisfied that we've accomplished something. This could be 75 minutes. On one occasion it took 4 hours, but it still only cost $75, and she got the part.

Since nobody should pay for a pig in a poke, if you want to coach with me, you have to come and meet me first in a free working session OR you have to audit a class. If, after that meeting, you think I'm helpful, you can set up the next session, for which you'll have to pay the $75..

If you are in my class and want a private session, the rate is the rate for the monologue class which at the moment is $50/hour, or the old rate for former students.

If you coach with me for an audition, no matter how many sessions we have, I will want to see you--for free--at the last instant before the audition, night before or day of, if possible. This is to make sure that I have not inadvertently said something that put you on the wrong track.

If you are already a student of mine, the rates will always stay the same as what you have been paying. Call or write me if this isn't sufficiently confusing.

(212) 865-1127

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