by Anton Chekhov

The happy cast in the dressing room: 

Gerald Gilmore (Telyegin)                                                            Kevin Spacey (Serebryakov)
Martha Horstman (Marina);                                          Tom Hewitt (Vanya)
     Peering over Martha is Leah Joki (Elena)                                  Jack Stehlin (Astrov, with that ridiculous mustache)
Center rear: Christian Hanckel (Yefim) and Mary Stein (Voynitskaya)
 Lili Flanders (Sonia)

 Produced by Jack Stehlin
Scenic consultant: Bil Mikulewicz
Lighting consultant: Todd Lichtenstein
Stage manager: Edythe Frampton

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Kevin Spacey--click! Tom Hewitt Jack Stehlin, producer Mary Stein Lili Flanders Christian Hanckel Leah Joki Martha Horstman Gerald Gilmore