A Biographical Dictionary of Some of Shakespeare's Characters

I don't say all of Shakespeare's characters, because I haven't directed all of Shakespeare's plays, and directing the play--or even being its stage maaager--is the quickest way to find out what's going on, and who the characters are. It's going to take a few days/months/years even to deal with the ones I (think that I) know.

"Why should we believe anything you say?"

Because I'm the best Shakespeare teacher in New York. You don't believe me? Go ahead, Google

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--and see who comes up on top.

I cannot do this all at once, and most of Shakespeare's characters are complicated. If you have a particular question about something, write me (delossbrown@prodigy.net) or call me (212-865-1127). Or take my class.

This information is mostly useful, probably, for actors and directors. You are invited to make use of it. Please don't do anything that would infringe my copyright (like selling this information).

© Deloss Brown 2020

Shakespeare's Characters

Ajax (Troilus)
Alexander (Troilus))
Armado (LLL))
Borachio (Much Ado)
Brutus (JC))
Conrade (Much Ado)
Costard (LLL)
Cressida (Troilus))
Dogberry (Much Ado)
Don John (Much Ado)
Don Pedro (Much Ado)
Friar Francis (Much Ado)
Hector (Troilus)
Hero (Much Ado)
Lady Macbeth (Macbeth)
Pandarus (Troilus)
Troilus (Troilus)
Verges (Much Ado)

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