Hector (Troilus and Cressida)

Hector is considered the best fighter in both armies (and if we're not careful we may overlook the fact that Ajax manages to knock him down at least once (see Alexander). When Hector visits the Greek camp, he is treated like a rock star or (perhaps more aptly) Joe Lewis or Muhammad Ali, when they were in their prime. All the Greeks vie to flatter him and strive to get him to accept their hospitality--even Achilles, who initially greets Hector with vicious scorn.

When Hector finally meets Achilles in combat, Achilles can't beat him, and so Achilles resorts to murderous treachery.

Hector is capable of magnanimity (from the Latin magnus animus = "having a great soul"), as when he compliments Ajax after their bout, and in his interactions with the other Greeks at the fight. But he is also capable of pettiness, as when he upbraids his wife, Andromache (V.3). And part of the reason for Hector's death is that Hector gets distracted by his desire to kill a Greek only to obtain the man's ornate armor.

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