by William Shakespeare

Helena (Kim Shaw, center) laments that she isn't as beautiful as Hermia (Nicole Benisch) while
Lysander (Rob O'Hare) looks on. You can see that the production was actually in a parking lot.

All the pictures on this page are copyright by Haldun Tihan, who took them at the performance on Saturday, June 19, 2004.

The full cast was:
Nicole Benisch Elliot Joseph
Jennifer Brown Israel Mirsky
James Ryan Caldwell Rob O'Hare
Keith Chandler John Pepi
Diana DeLaCruz Andrea Ryder
Tim Downey Kim Shaw
Leah Emmerich Diane Sintich
Nicholas Job Justin Tyler


Producer for Cressid Theater Company: Deloss Brown
Producer for Ludlow 10: Leonard McKenzie
Production Design: Geoffrey Sherman
Choreography by Jennifer Smiles
Audio by Michael P. Hesse
Vocal track by Lauren Hauser
Ass's noll and lion's head by Kim Catano
Lighting by Con Ed
Assistant director: Andrea Ryder
Original music by Raphael Crystal
Directed by Deloss Brown

Puck and Peaseblossom
Puck (Elliot Joseph) meets Peaseblossom (Leah Emmerich).

Bottom is translated.
Puck (Elliot Joseph) admires his improvement to Bottom (Justin Tyler).
The Fairy Queen (Diane Sintich) is asleep on the bench behind them.

Andrea Ryder
Hippolyta (Andrea Ryder) is not pleased by Theseus' decision to have Hermia executed.


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