This fall's cycle will consist of EIGHT classes on THURSDAYS organized around LOVE'S LABOR'S LOST AND EIGHT classes on TUESDAYS organized around OTHELLO. Scroll down or click here for the schedule.

If you are a brand-new student--that is, have never worked with me before--the cost will be $50/class, $400 total. If you are a former student from no matter how long ago, you will pay your old rate.

You may audit a class to see if you think it would be useful to you.

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This portrait of Shakespeare (the Cobbe portrait) was discovered in 2009. There is a certain amount of controversy as to whether it really represents our playwright. This is the Droeshout portrait, the engraving which appears in the First Folio. Ben Jonson, who was Shakespeare's friend, states in his preface to the Folio that this is a good likeness.

THURSDAY: LOVE'S LABOR'S LOST: as we will discuss, Shakespeare wrote this play in 1594, and then rewrote it--not making minor edits, really rewriting the whole thing--in 1598. The first time he wrote it he was in the grip of his Oedipus complex, and he hought he was exclusively a gay man who hated and feared women. It was a great shock to him when he discovered that he actually liked girls--even better than he had liked boys. But he never became a homophobe or anything like it.

TUESDAY: OTHELLO was probably written around 1604, after HAMLET, so I feel pretty confident in saying it represents the work of the mature Shakespeare.

The point of the class is to teach you how to audition and perform--not just Shakespeare, but any text. We'll talk about the construction of the play a little--we have to, or you're liable to go off on the wrong track. Those of you who don't like the theories of Sigmund Freud will be anneud (or annoyed) that they play a part in any analysis of OTHELLO. But there's a lot of Dante in the structure, too of OTHELLO, too.





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Yes, there is a great deal of Christian doctrine in Shakespeare, at least in my expositions. The first book they had in Shakespeare's house was the Bible, and it was the only book, for a long time. Shakespeare got to know it all in detail, Old Testament, New Testament and Apocrypha, and used it extensively in LOVE'S LABOR'S LOST and (shock!) in OTHELLO.

Thanksgiving Day, also known as "Turkey Day" or "Macy's Day" is Thursday, November 25, 2021.
Hanukkah begins on the evening of November 28.
After that comes the Horror of Christmas.

It may interest you to know that the Emperor Tiberius (reigned 14-37AD) had the custom of repaying the giver of a New Year's gift with one worth four times the value of the gift he had received. (See Suetonius.) Before long he had to forbid the giving of New Year's gifts entirely because on New Year's Day the line of people waiting to present the emperor with a gift went around the palace several times and up the street, and the entire month of January was spoiled by a crush of people coming to the palace who couldn't get in on New Year's Day. Thank Juppiter we have nothing like that.

Before you begin to praise Tiberius, let me point out that he also forbade the common practice of people kissing as a greeting.

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