COMPOSITION LEVEL I                           Facilitator's Guide

Marker Introduction (20 Minutes) 
Marker Note to Facilitator: Introduce yourself and have the participants introduce themselves to each other.  Emphasize that nobody needs to be shy about asking any questions (and remember to ask ďAny questions?Ē often).  Deal with any administrative tasks.  
Marker Note to Facilitator: Briefly list the topics to be covered in the training session, Module Objectives below.    
Marker Module Objectives: 

As a result of completing this module, you will be able to: 

  • Become familiar with Bowne's composing services and their capabilities 
  • Understand and assist in the relationship of the CSRs as liaison between customers and composing
  • Become familiar with terminology used by Bowne and the printing industry
  • Assist in communicating with the composition department regarding typesetting of documents
  • Understand basic typography
  • Become familiar with copy preparation techniques, including conversions, clones/AAs, scan, and set new
  • Access and use PageMark
  • Become familiar with document order 
  • Obtain pertinent information on and process reverse conversion requests; site-specific.

Note to Facilitator: Ask participants what they know about composition.  Provide the definition if needed and donít hesitate to use your own words.  

Marker What Is Composition? 

Composition involves formatting pages to customer specifications in a printable format with aesthetic components.

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