The Winter's Tale

Hermione (Susan Knott) flirts with Polyxenes (William Christian) while her husband Leontes (Michael Laurence) and son Mamillius (Christopher Marquette) look on.

All the pictures on this page are by the lighting designer, Wendy Luedtke, whose beautiful backdrop of sky and clouds may be seen in every picture.

Leontes (Michael Laurence), convinced that Hermione and Polyxenes have cuckolded him, persuades his prime minister, Camillo (Peter Ashton Wise) to poison Polyxenes.

Paulina (Mary Lou Shriber) assures Hermione's attendant Emilia (Cornelia Whitcomb) that she, Paulina, will be able to reconcile Hermione to her husband. The jailer (Ross Salinger) looks fearfully on. Paulina's hubris is going to lead to trouble.

The Old Shepherd (Jeremy Johnson, center) questions his daughter Perdita (Miranda Kent) as to the purity of her love for Florizel (Joseph Holmgren).