This spring's (second) cycle will consist of EIGHT classes on THURSDAYS organized around OTHELLO.  Scroll down or click here for the schedule.

If you are a brand-new student--that is, have never worked with me before--the cost will be $50/class, $400 total. If you are a former student from no matter how long ago, you will pay your old rate.

You may audit a class to see if you think it would be useful to you.

If you have any questions about anything about the class, please call or write me: (212) 865-1127 or

Dante and his poem painted by Domenico Michelino, maybe after a design by Baldovinetti, in the nave of the Cathedral (il Duomo) of St. Mary, Florence.

THURSDAY: OTHELLO: You probably know the story of OTHELLO, and you know that it's one of Shakespeare's most accomplished and famous tragedies. Wikipedia says that it is "still widely performed," indeed.

We'll talk about the construction of the play a little--we have to, or you're liable to go off on the wrong track--but there are two enormous clues to the structure of the play on this page. You may not have read Dante's Comedy, but you cannot miss the other clue. It's starting you in the face. I mean, right at this instant, you're looking at it.



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