by William Shakespeare
Keely and Cady
Pictured: Keeley Stanley (Beatrice), Cady McClain (Hero).

Music by Raphael Crystal
Lyrics by William Shakespeare; additional lyrics by Raphael Crystal and Deloss Brown
Lighting by Wendy Luedtke
Musical direction by Erasmia Voukelatos

LEONATO, Governor of Messina     John Behan
MESSENGER     Phil Powers
BEATRICE, niece to Leonato     Keeley Stanley*
HERO, daughter to Leonato     Cady McClain*
DON PEDRO, Prince of Aragon     Michael Stacy*
BENEDICK, a young lord of Padua     Gregory Sobeck*
DON JOHN, Don Pedro's bastard brother     John Joseph Freeman*
CLAUDIO, a young lord of Florence     Joseph Holmgren
ANTONIO, Leonato's brother     Don Carter
CONRADE, a follower of Don John     Paul Griffin
BORACHIO, another follower of Don John     Chris Knoblock
BALTHASAR, a singer, attendant on Don Pedro     Ethan Flower*
MARGARET, a gentlewoman attendant on Hero     Elizabeth Gottlieb*
URSULA, a gentlewoman attendant on Hero     Mary Lou Shriber*
A BOY     Summer Kelly
DOGBERRY, master constable     Jeremy Johnson
VERGES, constable, Dogberry's partner     John Joseph Freeman*
FIRST WATCH     Mary Lou Shriber*
SECOND WATCH, George Seacoal     Eliza Kelly
FRIAR FRANCIS     Ethan Flower*
A SEXTON     Phil Powers

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