Love's Labor's Lost

This was our mailing for the 1996 production. It was mostly the work of Merrilee McCommas. That's Merrilee in the picture with Marc Palmieri. She played Katharine and Marc played Longaville. Scroll down for the rest of the wonderful cast.

Merrilee and Marc

Music by Raphael Crystal
Lyrics by William Shakespeare; additional lyrics by Raphael Crystal and Deloss Brown
Production by Geoffrey Sherman
Musical direction by Stephen Vasta
Princess of France     Mary Lou Shriber*
Rosaline, a Lady of France     Happy McPartlin
Katharine, a Lady of France     Merrilee McCommas
Maria, a Lady of France     Risa Yanagisawa
Jaquenetta, a Dairymaid     Devon Sorvari*
King of Navarre     Joe Lutton*
Longaville, a Lord of Navarre     Marc Palmieri*
Dumain, a Lord of Navarre     Franklin Martin*
Berowne, a Lord of Navarre     Michael Laurence*; Andy Paris (April 26)
Dull, a Constable     Robert Locke
Costard, a Rustic     Ian Bjorklund
Armado, a Spanish Captain     Darryl Brown
Moth, Armado's Page     Katie Guman
Boyet, a Lord of France     Jeremy Johnson*
Another French Lord     Adrian Valeriano
Sir Nathaniel, a Priest     Adrian Valeriano
A Forester     Adrian Valeriano
Holofernes, a schoolmaster     Tyree Giroux*
Marcade, a French Lord     Adrian Valeriano
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